Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm Fell Off (Fixed!)

Facing issues with your Frigidaire dishwasher’s spray arm falling off? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. No matter if the upper, middle or lower spray arm fell off, I got you covered.

Let’s jump right in and get your dishwasher back in action!

How To Fix A Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm That Fell Off?

If the spray arm on your Frigidaire dishwasher falls off, you can first try to reattach it. If it keeps falling off, then the spray arm might be broken and need to be replaced.

Alternatively, you can secure the spray arm with a stainless steel screw and washer, but this is a DIY fix and requires caution.

Let’s get into detail on how to do this below!

Frigidaire dishwasher spray Arm Fell Off

Reattach the Spray Arm

Frigidaire dishwashers have some common issues, such as not spraying water or the spray arm falling off. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to fix the spray arm issue.

If the spray arm isn’t broken, you can put it back yourself. It’s pretty simple. You can go to the section called ‘How To Replace The Spraying Arm’ of this article and follow the steps. Just use your existing spray arm instead of a new one.

But if the spray arm keeps coming off, it’s probably damaged and you might need to get a new one.

The Locking Tabs Broke Off Or Are Worn Out

If the clips that hold the spraying arm in place are damaged or worn out, the arm will likely fall off again. In this situation, it’s a good idea to get a new spray arm. It’s not hard to switch out the spray arms and you can definitely do it yourself.

Here are the steps to replacing each spray arm:

How To Replace The Top Spraying Arm

You can buy a new top spray arm for your Frigidaire dishwasher from Amazon. The part you probably need is #154754502.

This top spray arm is compatible with almost all Frigidaire dishwashers. The Amazon listing doesn’t have dishwasher model numbers to confirm you have the right one. But you can compare its photo with your old spray arm. If they look similar, then it will likely fit your dishwasher.

Here is how you replace the upper spray arm that fell off:

  1. Open the dishwasher door and remove the top rack by first unlatching and pulling out the rack stops from both sides.
  2. Unthread and remove the upper spray arm by turning its large nut counterclockwise.
  3. Install the new spray arm by threading it onto the inlet tube, ensuring it projects down from the tub ceiling by about a quarter of an inch. Tighten it snugly.
  4. Reinstall the upper rack by sliding out the rails, engaging the wheels on each side, pushing it back, and reinstalling the rack stops.
  5. Ensure everything is securely in place and the repair is complete.

Here is a video that explains the process:

How To Replace The Middle Spraying Arm

You can buy a new spray arm for your Frigidaire dishwasher from Amazon. The part you probably need is #5304506740. This spray arm fits most Frigidaire dishwasher models. Just make sure to check for your model number on the Amazon listing.

This is how you replace the center spray arm that fell off:

  1. Open the dishwasher door, remove the rack stops, and then pull the upper rack completely out. Support the rack as it comes off of the rails and push the rails back in.
  2. Flip the rack over on the dishwasher door. The center spray arm is held by a small locking clip at the back. Push down on it and lift the spray tube to unlock it, then remove the old spray arm.
  3. Install the new spray arm by aligning the notch. Start it into position, tilt it down, ensure the tab on the back clears the back wire, and snap the assembly forward until it locks.
  4. Reinstall the rack by flipping it over and pulling out the rails enough to start the wheels on it. Start the wheel on one side, then the other, push the rack back, make sure all four wheels are engaged, and push the rack all the way back.
  5. Pull out the rails, reinstall the rack stops by sliding them in from the top through the holes in both the bottom and the top, and lock them in position.

Here is a video that explains the process:

How To Replace The Bottom Spraying Arm

You can purchase a new bottom spray arm for your Frigidaire dishwasher from Amazon. The part you’re likely to need is #154568001. This bottom spray arm fits most Frigidaire dishwashers. You can make sure by checking if your dishwashers model number is on the Amazon listing.

Here is how to replace the lower spray arm that fell off:

  1. Open the dishwasher, remove all items from the lower rack, and set it aside.
  2. Reach in and grasp the center of the old spray arm, pulling straight up to remove it.
  3. Discard the old spray arm.
  4. Line up the new spray arm, make sure it snaps into place, and verify that it turns freely.
  5. Put the lower rack back in, close the door, and your repair is complete.

Here is a video that explains the process:

Secure The Arm With A Screw

A cost-effective and inventive way is to reattach the spray arm using a stainless steel screw and washer.

Here’s how you can implement this fix:

  1. Start by removing the spray arm and the plastic retainer clip from the dishwasher. The retainer usually unscrews counterclockwise.
  2. Obtain a small stainless steel screw and washer. These will replace the plastic retainer clip and provide a more robust connection between the spray arm and the retainer. Ensure the screw and washer are suitable for your dishwasher and won’t rust or degrade over time.
  3. Place the washer on the screw and position it against the spray arm, where the plastic clip was originally located. Then, use the screw to fasten the spray arm to the retainer. Make sure it’s secure, but not overtightened, to prevent any damage to the dishwasher.
  4. Screw the retainer with the newly attached spray arm back onto the dishwasher ceiling outlet.

This approach, while ingenious, is a DIY fix. As such, always take caution and ensure any modifications you make won’t negatively impact your dishwasher or its performance.

If you’re unsure about any step, it’s always best to consult with a professional. Or to just get a replacement spray arm.

Preventing The Spray Arm From Falling Off

There are two simple ways to keep the spray arm from falling off:

Ensure The Spray Arm Isn’t Blocked By Dishes

It is crucial to pay attention to the size of the items you place on the top rack of your dishwasher. If the dishes are too large, they could potentially dislodge a spray arm and lead to it falling off.

To prevent this, always check the positioning of your dishes to ensure they are not interfering with the spray arm.

If the spray arm happens to fall off, you can reattach it by following the required steps. But remember, it’s better to avoid the problem altogether.

There’s less risk of breaking it if you often check how your dishes are arranged. This way, you could avoid the trouble of replacing the spray arm.

Keep The Spray Arm Clear From The Rack

The functionality of the bottom rack could influence the spray arm’s stability. Damaged wheels or an overburdened rack might impede the rack’s motion, causing it to interfere with the spray arm. Additionally, if the rack itself is twisted or bent, it can also obstruct the spray arm.

To prevent these issues, always make sure your rack is in good condition and isn’t overloaded. Regularly check the rack wheels and ensure they are rolling smoothly. If the rack seems bent or twisted, consider replacing it to prevent further issues with the spray arm.


Whether it’s the upper, middle, or lower spray arm, we’ve covered reattaching and replacing solutions for your Frigidaire dishwasher. We’ve also discussed preventative measures and a handy DIY fix.

Keep these tips handy to ensure your dishwasher remains in peak condition for years to come. Remember, proper maintenance and careful dish loading are key.

Thanks for reading!